Advanced Technology

At Best Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry, we pride ourselves on being the leading edge of our profession. This means providing you with diagnostic and treatment technology every bit as advanced as the exceptional care we provide.

  • Intra-oral cameras

    Tiny, pen-sized cameras allow us to get an extremely detailed, up-close look at your teeth and gums. High quality digital images are then magnified and displayed on monitors right in the treatment room, letting us find and address problems long before other approaches would even have detected them. This means we can save more of the healthy tooth - and in the long run, more money for you.

  • Digital X-rays

    Digital X-rays benefit the dentist, the patient and the environment. They are as accurate as conventional x-rays, but because the images can be magnified up to 300 times, they are much more reliable when it comes to detecting problems. Most importantly, digital x-rays lessen your exposure time to radiation by 90%. Because digital x-rays don't require photo chemicals and traditional film, they also eliminate waste.

  • Digital Imaging

    You can get a good idead of what your new smile will look like before any aesthetic work even begins. Using computers and a photo of your original smile, Dr. Gonzalez can digitially manipulate the image giving you a preview of your final breathtaking result.

  • Computers in each Operatory

    Computers in every treatment room enable our team to immediate access to all patient files. Your personal file contains your health history and treatment plan, assuring consistency and quality of care.

  • Laser Technology

    High-tech lasers are used in all aspects of dentistry: preventative care, restorative care and cosmetic enhancements. Replacing the drill in many cases, lasers greatly improve patient comfort, reduce anxiety and enhance preventative care. Our Diagnodent Laser is one of the most sophisticated pieces of diagnostic equipment available, detecting decay far earlier than more traditional approaches.

  • Sterilization Center

    Our state-of-the-art approach to equipment sterilization ensures that your health is our top priority. There are few dental practices as advanced as ours when it comes to providing this level of care.

  • The TENSing Unit

    This sophisticated piece of equipment is a major asset in providing advanced Neuromuscular care. By gently stimulating your facial muscles, this machine can determine your jaw's most comfortable position and give Dr. Gonzalez the information she needs to create a healthy, balanced bite to support a beautiful new smile.