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Response regarding study - 'The bacteria that causes tooth decay is genetic'

Dr. Phillip Shindler had some things to say about a recent report that said the bacteria that causes tooth decay is genetic. According to the Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics, about 9 out of 10 Americans under 64-years old suffer from tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth helps breaking down the food and form the acids that cause tooth decay. Read More

Facial Aesthetic Design smile makeover

Many people seeking dental advice and care are also looking to improve the appearance of their faces.  Most of the perspectives on facial aesthetics occur on the lower one third of the face. Improving the appearance of the lover face can help with the denture and the soft tissues in the face. A Facial Aesthetic Design smile makeover will do the trick. Read More about Smile Makeover

Teeth Whitening

Current marketing information about the Global Teeth Whitening Product Market is important for watching product performance and making the right choices to ensure its growth and profitability. This report demonstrates trends and developments, with focuses on markets, materials, capacities, technology and on the Global Teeth Whitening Product Market’s structural changes. Read More about Teeth Whitening

Dental Hygiene Routine

Regularly visiting the dentist and maintaining a responsible dental hygiene routine can help people keep a winning smile. Besides, how well someone takes care of her teeth is a strong indicator of overall health. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to major health problems such as heart disease, stroke, premature childbirth and rheumatoid arthritis. More dentists are focusing on preventative care on their patients, Read More about Dental Hygiene Routine

Global Teeth Whitening Product market

Questale has provided new research about the future of the Global Teeth Whitening Product market. The research is divided into 3 parts; application and end users, types of products and geographical locations.  The most important geographical locations include China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Southeast Asia and Australia. Market trends, drivers and challenges are presented in the forms of graphs and charts. Read More about the Global Teeth Whitening Product market


New Patient Forms

To arrange a consultation, we recommend that you download, print and complete these forms at at your convenience before your visit with us. Once complete, please fax them to 1-954-431-8435. This will speed up the process and ensure a speedy visit. Thank you.